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Who Wants To Be Normal?

正常真的有這麼不好嗎? 就真的這麼想不正常?!!!
很巧地, 隔天跟BANGING去看西遊時, 前面就放了一段廣告...



買了早餐, 坐上捷運
09:00上班, 09:15之前刷卡都不算遲到
刷卡記錄總是刷在09:14, 能多偷10分鐘, 絕對不會早到

每天渾渾噩噩, 不要求表現多好, 只希望不要被罵
不期許自己做出讓自己驕傲的作品, 只期待交出去的東西能從老闆的眼皮下勉強溜過去
東西不必做好, 有做並及格就好

上班不上班, 下班時又不敢下班
只因為老闆喜歡看到員工加班, 大家雖然不服但卻也摸摸鼻子乖乖不敢下班
為了不被老闆囉嗦, 只好犧牲自己的下班時間

好不容易下班了, 回到家也都九點十點了
洗個澡, 看看康熙, 玩玩Candy Crash, 明天又是嶄新卻又沒有任何進步的一天
日復一日, 年復一年......

我相信有很多人看到MINI的這段廣告, 讀到我這篇文章, 會有熱血沸騰的感覺!
但我相信更多的人, 會默默地按個讚, 然後摸摸鼻子隔天繼續服從老闆不合理的要求.乖乖地做個奴僕...
Who would ever want to be normal?
Would you want to be normal? or would you live your life like me as a fighter?! .V.

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洗個澡, 看看康熙, 玩玩Candy Crash, 明天又是嶄新卻又沒有任何進步的一天!

All my life I've been that weirdo, i tired to fit in and be normal but it's just
not working for me. =_= even another weirdo thinks i'm wired. don't you
think i'm wired!? i've recently quit my job. i was changing my field to code
front end web.(long story) the company is full of nerds. i worked really hard
and hardly talk to other ppl (what's there to say anyway) and there's one
day they asked me if i "討厭男生" @@ what kind of question is that?!
anyways i left there and now i'm just as confuse about my career as you
are.(or were) i think if you're going to be a weirdo for entire life, you'll just
have to be extraordinary. and it's not easy to be weird to be a wife. OMG
can i ever be normal-_- and actually normal ppl aren't that normal,
everyone has some sort of weirdness. i think the thing is, we have to be
more open-minded to embrace the difference of ppl.

“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some
advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.
"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember
that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

but yeah, as least that makes us special :)

and this is for you, fighter!

幹嘛對號入座? @@

no disrespect to Taiwanese people, but they just don't like to accept people with different cultural backgrounds or personalities, most of them would just like to act the same as others. i have tried as hard as i can to blend into Taiwanese culture, 我不講的話, 沒有人會覺得我是從國外回來的. however, i think Taiwanese ppl treat foreigners and ABC/CBC with more respect... -_- and yes, i am still confused with my career as well, considering giving Taiwan a last chance, or going back to Canada where ppl respect everyone from every culture...

i think we are only weird coz we are in tw... if in canada, we are just as normal as part of the culture with all different kinds of weirdos~ @@